Blue Flower

Dr. Kenneth Claus


2015-AllSouls 3

Dr. Claus "The Vicah" comes with an interesting bio to say the least. He is a long term survivor of both a heart transplant and alcoholism. He has been a large church sr. minister, a hostage negotiator and presently teaches English literature and composition at Florida International University as well as founding the Religious Studies program at Miami Dade College- Kendall campus. Dr. Claus graduated from Union Theological Seminary (affiliated with Columbia University) and received his doctorate from Boston University. His major work in seminary was early church history and the history and practice of Christian worship.

He is married to Maria Teresa Estrada. Together they have four children and two wire-haired Dachshunds  - The Wizard & Sadie Maria. Dr. Claus is an avid consumer of "steampunk" and Victorian "gaslight" procedurals and page turner thrillers. 

Rate My Professors listed Dr. Claus as one of the top 25 professors in the U.S. for 2009-2010 ( he was 19th); in 2011 the student body of F.I.U. elected him out of 7,000 faculty to give the first "What Would You Say" (if it was your last lecture). Miami Dade College -Kendall heard that same lecture also in 2011.

Dr. Claus can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling/ text (305) 898-2489.

Dr. Claus is an Associate Member, the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association.